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Kernel concept
Quality first, integrity management, customer first, customer satisfaction
Enterprise spirit
Sincere cooperation, create a better future; entrepreneurial passion, innovation and change; be vigilant in peace time,  Being Truthful and Practical.
Company mission
Learn experience from advanced enterprises,continuous R & D and innovation, according to customer requirements to design and manufacture the same step's ideal equipment,toward to modernization together.
Company brand
Dingli brand comes from company's kernel concept and enterprise team culture,new concept,new train of thought,new technology,accumulation of new experiences.Integrity management, dedicated to design and manufacture new,advance and safe machine or complete set equipment,achieve biggest ideal of customer's value.
Technology and serives
Dingli medical advantage of technology is deeply understanding of medical instrument,based on the experience accumulated in theory and practice,professional design, exquisite manufacturing technics and optimized configuration.Supply affordable,practical,good quality equiment to customer.Put our's heart and soul serve the customers.
Dingli Service
Dingli medical people-oriented,optimizing talent structure and talent position,as the aim of team management,pay attention to staff learning and training. Encourage employees to integrate social responsibility and innovative thinking into the work, advocate  patriotism,love company,love family,love work,love solidarity and love dedication's team spirit.


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